Last updated: Jul 30 2018

Area: Episerver Service API Applies to versions: 5.1.0 and higher


Get common draft catalog

Previously, the Service API supported published versions only. By adding new endpoints (listed below), you can get common draft catalog versions, create new common drafts, and update or delete existing catalogs.

Post common draft catalog

Note: Episerver does not support creating common drafts for non-existing content. You can create a first draft version by using an endpoint for published content (without “commondraft”) and setting IsActive to “false”.

Put common draft catalog

Note: If common draft content is in a “Published” state, then a new common draft version is created (same behavior as Post common draft). If a common draft content is in DelayedPublsih/AwaitingApproval/CheckedIn state, then it skips updating content and returns a Conflict status code (409).

Delete common draft catalog

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