Last updated: Oct 27 2016

Area: Episerver CMS Applies to versions: 10 and higher
Other versions:

Hiding or controlling access to a component

This topic describes how to manage access to a component in the Episerver user interface.

How it works

The AllowedRoles property for a component definitions lets you control the groups that are allowed to view and select a certain component. You can hide a component completely by setting the AllowedRoles property to none, or setting it to a null string which prevents an access check.


The following example shows how to hide or show a certain component, depending on a global setting.

    public class FileManagementComponent : ComponentDefinitionBase
        public FileManagementComponent()
            : base("epi-cms.component.FileManagement")
            Categories = new string[]{"cms"};
            LanguagePath = "/episerver/cms/components/filemanagement";
            SortOrder = 200;
            PlugInAreas = new string[] { PlugInArea.DefaultAssetsGroup };

            if (!EPiServer.Configuration.Settings.Instance.UseLegacyFileManagerMode)

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