Last updated: Oct 27 2016

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BLOB routing

This topic explains how routing to BLOB is done in Episerver. Routing to BLOB properties is an implementation of partial routing, which lets you extend routing for any content beyond pages.

How it works

The URL pattern to route to a BLOB property is <content url>/BlobPropertyName.

Consider the following content model:

/// <summary>
/// Base class for content types which should be handled as images by the system.
/// </summary>
public class ImageData : MediaData
    /// <summary>
    /// Gets or sets the generated thumbnail for this media.
    /// </summary>
    [ImageDescriptor(Width = 48, Height = 48)]
    public override Blob Thumbnail
        get { return base.Thumbnail; }
        set { base.Thumbnail = value; }

Suppose there is an image created in CMS with an URL like http://site/GlobalMedia/Images/someimage.png. You can route to the thumbnail BLOB property on the image by the URL http://site/GlobalMedia/Images/someimage.png/thumbnail. Because the property has the attribute ImageDescriptor, the thumbnail BLOB is generated automatically if it is null.

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