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Setting up a strategy block

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Note: This is legacy content because Episerver Advance was replaced by Episerver Content Recommendations. If you are using Episerver Advance, you should upgrade your solution. See also Discontinued services and products.

This topic describes how to configure a strategy block for users to display recommendations on pages based on a strategy, like most popular or most viewed. See also Episerver Strategy container block for information about how it works.

How it works

Advance API must have input for its tracking and analyzing. Your site must have the following NuGet packages installed for the Strategy block to work.

  • EPiServer.Personalization.CMS.UI. Installs the Strategy block to Episerver.

    Strategy block.png

  • EPiServer.Tracking.PageView. Tracks and analyzes recommendation data. See Page view tracking.

To use the Episerver Advance service, you need to update RecommendationServiceKey, RecommendationServiceSecret and RecommendationServiceUri in the web.config as follows with key and secret key values that you received from customer support.

<add key="episerver:RecommendationServiceKey" value="your-advance-service-key" />
<add key="episerver:RecommendationServiceSecret" value="your-advance-service-secret" />
<add key="episerver:RecommendationServiceUri" value="https://advance.episerver.net" />

<add key="episerver:profiles.TrackingApiBaseUrl" value="ChangeThis" />
<add key="episerver:profiles.TrackingApiSubscriptionKey" value="ChangeThis" />

The Advance API removes recommendations for in-active content once per day. Content that is permanently deleted, moved to trash, or no one visited for a day will not appear in the recommendations. Advance retrieves 5 recommendations to replace any invalid (deleted) content.

Note:  Currently, Advance service provides recommendations by contentId. If a site has too many untranslated pages, the number of recommended pages may not by enough, and no recommendations will be displayed.

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Last updated: Aug 05, 2020

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