Last updated: Oct 27 2016

Area: Episerver CMS Applies to versions: 10 and higher
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Creating a visitor group in CMS

To create visitor groups in the CMS user interface you need to be a member of the VisitorGroupAdmins group.

  1. From the global menu, select CMS > Visitor Groups.
  2. Click Create.
  3. In the right-hand pane, you can see the available visitor group criteria. Drag and drop criteria from the pane on the right into the Drop new criterion here area.
  4. Define the settings for the criteria. You can use Points to define a value for how much an action is worth, for example, a visited campaign page. You can also specify a threshold so that a site visitor much meet at least 2 out of 3 criteria to be included in the visitor group. 
  5. Give the visitor group a name and a description (optional). 
  6. Click Save. The visitor group is now accessible in the edit view.

For more detailed information on how to work with visitor groups in Episerver CMS, see the Episerver User Guide.

Using visitor groups in the edit view

When a visitor group has been created, you can apply it to any content in the edit view, such as a part of a text, a block or an image. You can, for example, set a price list in Euros to be displayed to visitors from Europe and another price list in Dollars to be displayed to visitors from the USA. If you can set fallback content, visitors not matching any of the criteria in the visitor groups will see the fallback content. If no fallback content has been set, visitors not matching any criteria will not see any content at all.

Use the preview functionality to see what different visitor groups would see.

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