Last updated: Oct 10 2018

Area: Episerver CMS Applies to versions: 11.4.0 and higher

On-page editing with client-side rendering

Episerver offers some features to make client-side rendering easier. These features are framework agnostic, so they can be used with any JavaScript framework, such as Angular, React, or Vue.

Editing HTML attributes

CMS UI includes three HTML attributes that can be added to editable DOM elements:

  • data-epi-property-name="YourProperty"
    This attribute marks an element for editing
  • data-epi-property-render="none"
    This attribute prevents the DOM from being modified directly when editing
  • data-epi-property-edittype="floating"
    This attribute creates a dialog for editing, and should be used for string types


To know when to re-render, subscribe to the topic beta/ContentSaved. The controller must contain the attribute [RequireClientResources] unless it inherits from either PageController or ContentController, as these both include the attribute by default. Then the resources need to be required in razor view with other scripts for the site using @Html.RequiredClientResources("Footer").

Beta features must be enabled in order to use the beta/ContentSaved topic. 

Content delivery API

Episerver has released a content delivery API to make a headless implementation even easier. Check out the documentation.

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