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Episerver TinyMCE editor v2

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Note: This documentation is for version 2 of the TinyMCE add-on only. The documentation for version 1 can be found here.

Note: Episerver supports TinyMCE version 4. See the TinyMCE website for information on how to create the client-side code of a TinyMCE plugin.

This section describes how to configure the TinyMCE editor version 2.x. It also covers how to add your own plugins, overriding the default settings, tips for using TinyMCE on your template page and so on.

In CMS 11, the TinyMCE editor and related plugin configuration features were moved into a separate NuGet package as an add-on with its own versioning number and breaking changes.

From version 2.0, you can no longer customize the TinyMCE editor from the CMS admin view. All changes are done through code.

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Last updated: Aug 23, 2018

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