[SegmentUI]:Create segment by Event Filter Definition- return 500 when preview

Fixed in

EPiServer.Profiles.Client 1.21.0


Aug 20, 2020


Oct 05, 2020


Closed, Fixed and tested


Precondition: Create some event filter definitions with some type of parameters: bool, guid, double and timespan (Query in Payload)
(ex: Create an event filter definition like this one:

    "Name": "Payload_Boolean_Event",
    "Description": "Payload Boolean Event",
    "Query": "Events|where Payload.testbool == {{value}}",
    "Parameters": {
        "value": "bool"
    "Category": "Events",
    "Type": "Events"

1. Open Visitor Intelligence > Segments > click on Create a Segment button
2. Choose the filter definition with parameters in the precondition, input proper value in param, click on Preview.

  • Expected: Return the proper profiles
  • Actual: Return: Error: Request failed with status code 500

Note that: When I check creating segment by event filter definition using API:

  • It creates segment successfully with parameters types bool and guid
  • It returns 400 Bad Request with parameter types double and timespan