As an AB Test user, when using Multiple KPI's I want my AB test details screen to inform me of how my test is doing against all my selected KPIs

Fixed in

EPiServer.Marketing.Testing 2.3.0


Mar 07, 2017


Oct 23, 2020


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


When viewing the A/B Test details screen and using multiple KPIs as conversion goals, there should be a section in the test results that informs me how versions are performing against all selected KPIs.

Note: This information is applicable to the Details, Pick A Winner and Archive views.

Single KPI

  • If a single KPI is selected, the details beneath the thumbnails remain the same as in prior versions.

Multiple KPI

  • If multiple KPIs are included in a test, a new summary appears beneath the thumbnails.
  • The top section of the summary is the total conversion percentage and view count for the content.
  • The bottom section is a list of KPIs added to the test.
  • Each KPI should have a graphical representation of the weight selected for it. The selector should be the same as the selector used to choose the weight, but in this context should not be "clickable".
  • Each KPI will have a conversions and performance number (Conversions is the number of times that a particular KPI converted independent of any other KPI attached to the test. Performance is that specific KPI's contribution to the total conversion percent.)
  • A hide details link should be available, which shows/hides the multiple KPI list section but leaves the conversion percent/views section intact.

Conversion Goals

  • The conversion goals should list all KPIs added to the test regardless if it is 1 or many.
  • These should in the same order as the kpi summary section above.