Episerver A/B testing auto get submission

Found in

EPiServer.Marketing.Testing 2.5.5

Fixed in

EPiServer.Marketing.Testing 2.5.8


Feb 27, 2019


Apr 02, 2019


Closed, Fixed and tested


Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a Form with some element then set a [Page display after submission] (Picture 1).
  2. Create a Test Page using the Form created in step 1 then publish (Picture 2).
  3. Edit Test Page then Start a A/B Testing with conversion goal is [Landing page] the same as [Page display after submission] (Picture 3).
  4. Open Test Page by incognito window but did nothing (Picture 4).
  5. Return to A/B testing Page (Picture 5).

View has been count but not Conversion


Although didn't submit form from Test Page but still count for Conversion.