Marketing Automation job should update test cache with all active tests in load balanced environments

Fixed in

EPiServer.Marketing.Testing 2.5.3


Jul 19, 2018


Aug 13, 2018


Closed, Fixed and tested


In environments where event forwarding and load balancing caching are not set up, the Marketing Automation job should start and stop any tests that are marked in the db as "started" or stopped, respectively.

Steps to reproduce
1) Create two alloy sites that share a SQL database.
2) In one alloy site, create an A/B test.
3) Verity it's working for that site.
4) Open the second site in an incognito browser.
5) Verify that the test is not running by clicking on the page under test and noticing that the view count is not incremented and the cookie does not exist.
6) On the second site, run the marketing automation test job manually. Repeat step 4.

After completing step 4, view the test statistics on site one. The views should increase by one. On the second machine, there should be a cookie for the test.

Views are not increasing by one.

Related to MAR-1180