QuickSilver: Cannot delete item after installing EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager.3.2.0-pre-000069

Found in

EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager 3.2.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager 3.2.0


Oct 18, 2018


Nov 15, 2018


Closed, Fixed and tested


Precodition: QuickSilver latest site

Steps to reproduce

1. Go to Edit mode.
2. Try to delete an item (Fashion variant, for example) > Success.
3 Install EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager.3.2.0-pre-000069 for the site.
4. Update epidatabase.
5. Reload the site then try to delete an item again -> It takes a long time and job cannot be done, at least after 5 minutes!
6. Uninstall EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager.3.2.0-pre-000069 then reload the site.
7. Item can be deleted.

Note: This bug doesn't happen with Language Manager 3.1.6