Make ContentDelivery an official release

Fixed in

EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi 2.1.0


Aug 10, 2018


Sep 02, 2019


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


  • Separate ContentDeliveryApi into 5 packages:
  • EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Core
  • EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Cms
  • EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.OAuth
  • EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi.Search
  • EPiServer.ContentDeliveryApi
  • Use the Options attribute to configure ContentApiOptions and ContentSearchApiOptions.
  • Use DDS to store a refresh token. No need to create a new table for the refresh token.
  • Use reflection to map between Episerver property data and ContentDeliveryApi's property model.
  • Expose more API for clients to customize work flows (e.g., Authorization flow ).
  • No need of additional classes to initialize ContentDeliveryApi, like version 1.0.1.
  • No need to manually create the RequiredRole in Admin mode.
  • Allow to configure required role (default value: contentapiread) in web.config