GA not display/work on QuickSilver

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Feb 18, 2016


Nov 08, 2016


Closed, Fixed and tested


1. Install QuickSilver site ( follow instruction from )
2. Install GA_Commerce & GA
3. Rebuild.
4.Login on site
Actual : no GA on EditView/Adminmode although GA is installed on the site

Below is a note/guide for GA add-on working on a site using a claims security system (Quicksilver is an example).
“As mentioned above ( the GA uses the two Roles (GoogleAnalyticsReaders and GoogleAnalyticsAdministrators) to authorize users. Then on the site intergrates with a claims security provider (such as Federated Identity or AspNet Identity) these required Roles need to be available and assigned to the site accounts.
Note: The GoogleAnalyticsAdministrators role is for working with the Google Analytics plugin page (Admin mode => Config tab\Google Analytics) but this plugin page does require the GoogleAnalyticsReaders role to operate successfully. So that the accounts desire to work with the Google Analytics plugin page must belong to both GoogleAnalyticsAdministrators and GoogleAnalyticsReaders roles.”
This note/guide should be added into the GA document here continued in the Configuring roles part with appropriate change.