Find.Commerce: "en-GB" stemming isn't working properly

Fixed in

EPiServer.Find.Commerce 9.7.2


Oct 20, 2016


Feb 13, 2017




Closed, Fixed and tested


Stemming isn't working properly when using the episerver.find.commerce assembly and "en-GB". This seems to have been fixed for the episerver.find.cmsunifiedsearchsetup but not the commerceunifiedsearchsetup:

This fix is already applied for PageData in EPiServer.Find.Cms package CmsUnifiedSearchSetUp class:

UnifiedSearchRegistry.Add<PageData>().PublicSearchFilter((c, ctx) => c.BuildFilter<IContentData>().FilterForVisitor(this.GetLanguage(ctx)));
where GetLanguage correctly reads the "Payload" context parameter:
if (context.Payload.ContainsKey("Culture") && context.Payload["Culture"].IsNotNull())
return ((CultureInfo)context.Payload["Culture"]).Name;

But EPiServer.Find.Commerce.CommerceUnifiedSearchSetUp class doesn't use this approach and only reads the context stemming language ignoring the "Payload" parameter:

UnifiedSearchRegistry.Add<EntryContentBase>().PublicSearchFilter((c, ctx) => c.BuildFilter<EPiServer.Core.IContentData>().FilterForVisitor((ctx.Language == null || ctx.Language == Language.None) ? Languages.AllLanguagesSuffix : ctx.Language.FieldSuffix)));

If the Find.Commerce package filter uses the same approach as Find filter for CMS items, the bug with custom cultures will be fixed.