Return tax incorrect when returning part of order with promotion

Found in

EPiServer.Commerce 9.17.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.Commerce 9.19.0


Jun 09, 2016


Jul 06, 2016




Closed, Fixed and tested


Step to reproduce

  1. Configure a sales tax for item B. For example, 20%.
  2. Create the discount reduction "Buy A, get B at 50%."
  3. Check out an order that includes 3A + 3B items that satisfy the discount with the correct sales tax (e.g., sales tax for 3B is 300).
  4. Complete the order.
  5. Create a return for B or 2B.

Expected: Return tax is correctly calculated.
Actual: Return tax is incorrect (-100 for 1B and 100 for 2B). If you return all B items, the return tax is correct