Incorrect order discount amount when combining promotion

Found in

EPiServer.Commerce 13.19.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.Commerce 13.23.1


Jun 11, 2020


Aug 25, 2020


Closed, Fixed and tested


Configure 2 discounts:

  • Buy at least 1 item in Mens Shoes, get fixed price = 10 USD.
  • Spend from 5 USD, get 5% order discount, except items under Mens Shoes.

In Quicksilver, add a men shoes and a women shirt to cart (see attached image), and it works properly without crash, but the order discount amount seems incorrect.

Expect: order discount amount = 0.3 USD
Actual: order discount amount = 0.5 USD


  • precondition: remove all of default promotions in Quicksilver.
  • when remove the exclude condition from the 2nd promotion => the order discount amount is calculated correctly ( = 0.8 USD)