Scheduled publishing two languages of same page causes validation error

Found in

EPiServer.CMS.Core 10.0.1

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.Core 11.2.0


Oct 30, 2017


Mar 22, 2018


CMS Core


Closed, Fixed and tested


Steps to reproduce

  1. Install an Alloy sample site.
  2. Create a new page in English (EN) and set the scheduled publish ahead in time (use the default tomorrow as 12).
  3. Translate the page to Swedish (SV).
  4. Choose scheduled publishing for the SV version and pick the same datestamp as in 2. It does not matter if you pick a later time; the same error appears.
  5. Click the Schedule button.

Expected: You can schedule the publishing of a SV version page.
Actual: An error appears, and the page is not set to publish in the future.

Note: This bugfix does not work for 3 or more languages, see CMS-9903 that adresses that issue.There is also a fix for this issue in CMS 10, see CMS-10026.