Activity archiving

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.Core 10.6.0


Jan 20, 2017


Apr 10, 2017


CMS Core


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


Activities are now archived to a separate table in the database. This change allow them to be retained for an extended time period without directly affecting the performance of other system features that use activities (for example, the Project activity feed).

Archived activities will be persisted for a longer time period than was previously recommended. The default is 1 year. To modify this, add an activityArchiveRetentionPeriod attribute to the applicationSettings
element to the web.config. The value represents the number of months for which to retain activities in the archive.

  • To disable archiving completely, set the value to 0 .
  • To disable the cleanup of the archive and let activities remain indefinitely, set the value to -1 .

Archiving and truncation of the archive are managed by the job that was previously responsible for only truncating activities from the main activity table.

In the near future, the Change Log in the Admin UI is expected to be updated to support querying of the main and archive activity tables.

As part of this change, the old Change Log API has been deprecated (to be removed in a future release) in favor of the Activities API.