Properties are read-only when published by delayed publish or projects

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.Core 9.11.0


Jun 01, 2016


Jul 06, 2016


CMS Core


Closed, Fixed and tested


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Update AlloyTech to the latest available release (9.10).
  2. In episerver.config, under ApplicationSettings, set uIDefaultValueForSetChangedOnPublish ="true".
  3. Hook into Publishing event and set
    base.SetChangedOnPublish = true;
  4. Create/edit a page and schedule for future publishing.
  5. Let the scheduled job run, or run it manually.

Expected: Page is published with PageChangedOnPublish set to true.
Actual: Error thrown: The property PageChangedOnPublish is read-only.

Stack trace:
System.NotSupportedException: The property PageChangedOnPublish is read-only.
at EPiServer.Core.PropertyData.ThrowIfReadOnly()
at EPiServer.Core.PropertyBoolean.set_Boolean(Boolean value)
at EPiServer.Core.PropertyData.SetPropertyValue(Object value, SetPropertyValueDelegate doSet)
at EPiServer.Core.ContentData.SetValue(String index, Object value)
at EPiServer.Templates.Alloy.Models.Pages.SitePageData.PublishingPage(Object sender, PageEventArgs p) in c:\inetpub\CMS7\CMS7.5Latest\Web\Models\Pages\SitePageData.cs:line 100