Cannot switch language in edit mode when using Find

Found in

EPiServer.CMS.Core 9.6.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.Core 9.6.1


Jan 18, 2016


Jan 26, 2016


CMS Core


Closed, Fixed and tested


  1. Create a new CMS site with Find
  2. Upgrade site to EPiServer.CMS.Core.9.6.0
  3. Add <episerver.framework updateDatabaseSchema="true"> to site web.config to update db (not related to bug)
  4. Go to Admin mode: Enable Svenska language under Web Site Languages
  5. Go to Edit mode: Enable Svenska language on start page under Language Settings
  6. Click on Svenska under Sites and try to translate Start page to SV

Page tree shows English content and it is not possible to translate Start page to SV, it always shows "You are working in svenska, this content is in English. To edit it, switch to English".

Tree shows correct language and there is a translate button to show that page could be translated.

NOTE: The underlying cause was that Find accesses the property Paths.ProtectedRootPath before initialization causing an invalid value to be cached (it will be cached as "~/episerver" instead of "/episerver"). A bug has been reported on Find to fix the underlying bug as well as restoring this backwards compatibility support. Since most API's support the "~" only API's that do not support the tilde character to define relative links are affected by this issue.