Load balancer environment makes form submission SubmittedTime, does not follow timeline

Found in

EPiServer.Forms 4.4.0

Fixed in

EPiServer.Forms 4.4.3


Feb 16 2017


Mar 15 2017




Closed, Fixed and tested


Steps tp reproduce

  1. Configure 2 sites: S0 and S10
  2. S0 stays on server with timezone = GMT+0
  3. S10 stays on server with timezone = GMT+10

Because Forms create the timestamp for Submission by DateTime.Now, Submission.Timestamp depends on server's timezone.

At 15h (GMT+0), Visitor1 submit on S10 ==>record1 is created, and write to Storage with record1.Timestamp = 01:00 02Jan2017
At 23h (GMT+0), Visitor2 submits on S0 ==> record2 is created, and write to Storage with record2.Timestamp = 23:00 01Jan2017

In the period of 15h to 23h (GMT+0) Editor browsing SubmissionView (and even export data) only sees record1, because record2 has not submitted yet.
After 23h (GMT+0), Editor see record1 and record2, but record2 appears earlier in time.

Fix: Depend on CMS.Core 10.5.0