Deleted catalog node still displays in Catalog tree

Found in


Fixed in

EPiServer.CommerceManager 8.16.1


Jun 25, 2015


Aug 21, 2015




Closed, Fixed and Tested

Steps to reproduce

* Precondition: There is an 7.0 core site (Commerce + commerce manager) -> Upgraded to 7.5

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install episerver.commerce.sample to the site upgraded above
  2. Go to commerce manager, delete a node such as "Perfomrance-Electrial" (Under Atumotive -> Performance)
  3. Go to new commerce UI, Refresh site 

--> Observer that: Deleted catalog node still displayed

      4. Edit catalog node -> Public changes

Expected: Deleted catalog node is not displayed in catalog tree

Actual: Deleted catalog node still displays so user can edit catalog node. When publish the change, it shows error. see attachment