Project Mode: Project Mode Bar and Continuous project


Mar 17, 2015


Oct 28, 2015


Falcon/CMS/Edit UI/Projects


Closed, Acceptance tests pass


The first release of the new project mode feature. Project mode is a feature where, when enabled, all changes done to content are automatically associated with a project. The current project can be managed via a new project mode toolbar which is available at the bottom of the page in edit mode.

To enable project mode for an entire site, go to admin view and select the Enable Projects option under Config > System Settings > Editing.

If you want to do a change that should not be connected to the currently active project, you either have to select None or another project from the drop-down list. Projects still need to be created in the projects gadget in this first release.

This feature is currently in beta. Meaning that users need to be in the EPiBetaUsers group in order to use the new feature.