On Page Edit view is not reloaded after publishing content that has been edited in forms view

Found in

EPiServer.CMS 7.5


Apr 02, 2014


Jun 09, 2014


Falcon/CMS/Edit UI


Closed, Fixed and Tested

Steps to reproduce

In EPiServer 7.0 we always reloaded the on page edit iframe when going from the forms view to on-page edit view (the reason that you want this behavior is that you might have properties that affects the rendering that is not set up to do a full page refresh, perhaps since it's not even available in on-page editing). This is done when switching views with the view switcher button in EPiServer 7.5. However, this is not done when publishing an item from the forms view. There was a bug fix made prior to the release to 7.5 that might be interesting to see before doing anything with this.