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Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Changes in Quicksilver

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Id Type Package Title Released
COM-1932 Bug Quicksilver 1.4.0 Quicksilver sample: Item disappers from cart after updating quantity and pressing Enter Aug 12, 2016
COM-1551 Bug Quicksilver 1.4.0 Quicksilver: Server error when deleting shopping cart item Aug 12, 2016
COM-1549 Bug Quicksilver 1.4.0 Quicksilver: Remove requirement to change fake credentials in Startup.cs Aug 12, 2016
COM-454 Bug Quicksilver 1.3.0 Quicksilver : Wrong display of product listing page in Ipad landscape orientation Apr 26, 2016
COM-122 Bug Quicksilver 1.3.0 Quicksilver: Item in wishlist should show discount price Apr 26, 2016
COM-1400 Bug Quicksilver 1.3.0 Quicksilver: Inconsistency when adding item quantity to wishlist Apr 26, 2016
COM-1336 Bug Quicksilver 1.3.0 Quicksilver: Front-end and Commerce Manager cannot open at the same time Apr 26, 2016
COM-912 Bug Quicksilver 1.3.0 QuickSilver: Variations with no price for a currency appear with price of zero Apr 26, 2016
COM-1447 Bug Quicksilver 1.3.0 Quicksilver: Shipping form breaks when applying/removing coupon code Apr 26, 2016
COM-481 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.1 Quicksliver: Error shows in checkout page when changing market default currency Jan 27, 2016
COM-647 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.1 Quicksilver GetDiscountPrice concurrency issue Jan 27, 2016
COM-466 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.1 Quicksilver: Displays wrong currency in minicart Jan 27, 2016
COM-267 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver: Error in console when updating quantity in cart/minicart Nov 27, 2015
COM-240 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver: Shipping address missing from order detail when selecting "Save address" on checkout page Nov 27, 2015
COM-231 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver: Fix Owin support for project collaboration Nov 27, 2015
COM-138 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver: Buttons display as text on Iphone device (640×1136 pixel) Nov 27, 2015
COM-137 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver mobile view: Edit mode navigation icon overlays mini cart and wishlist Nov 27, 2015
COM-111 Feature Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver updated to Commerce 9 Nov 27, 2015
COM-136 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver: Inconsistent display description in Quickview dialog Nov 27, 2015
COM-261 Bug Quicksilver 1.2.0 Quicksilver: Should show shipping discount in order confirmation/email Nov 27, 2015