Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Changes in EPiServer.Labs.LanguageManager

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Id Type Title Released
LM-236 Bug Cannot disable language using LM Jul 16 2018
LM-235 Bug Cannot create/edit block/form version using Language Manager Jul 16 2018
LM-228 Bug Failure to translate a block that contains block properties May 23 2018
LM-227 Bug Compare editing view shows [master language][master language] May 23 2018
LM-226 Bug Tabs containing block properties are blank in Compare Editing View May 23 2018
LM-221 Bug Format is changed after translation May 10 2018
LM-218 Bug Commerce Catalog: Disabled language available in Language Gadget May 10 2018
LM-217 Bug Language gadgets display differently May 10 2018
LM-223 Bug Cannot export translation package with special characters in content name May 10 2018
LM-222 Bug Compare View mode: Redo button doesn't display May 10 2018
LM-201 Bug Conflict between Language Manager and Lionbridge Connector Mar 27 2018
LM-200 Feature Allow user to choose language branch for duplicating or translating Mar 27 2018
LM-198 Bug Language on Block works incorrectly Mar 27 2018
LM-206 Bug Notification shown even if no Notification Provider is selected Mar 27 2018
LM-205 Bug Compare View mode: Sometimes fields at right side don't appear Mar 27 2018
LM-195 Bug Published time of Catalog item isn't updated Mar 27 2018
LM-186 Bug Authorized user cannot add content to project from LM Mar 27 2018
LM-203 Bug Children pages aren't added fully to translation projects Mar 12 2018
LM-202 Bug 'Add related contents that need translation' option works incorrectly Mar 12 2018
LM-204 Bug In Compare View mode, can't scroll page at right side (non-master language) Mar 12 2018



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