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This document describes the structure of the EPiServer Framework configuration.

Refer to the EPiServer CMS SDK > Developer Guide > Configuration Syntax for a description of the syntax used when explaing the various configuration elements.


This document describes the typographical conventions for configuring elements and attributes section in EPiServer Framework.

Syntax Used in this Document

Each sub element of this section is described in two different ways: a pseudo XML structure showing the hierarchy and including all attributes and a set of tables describing each element’s attributes in more detail.

Pseudo XML Structure

  • (Obsolete elements and attributes) written within parentheses.
  • The type of the attribute value is listed as the value, in other words stringAttribute="string".
  • Elements and attributes are listed in alphabetical order.
  • Element collections are indicated by "..." at the same level as the repeatable element.


      <add optionalAttribute="valueType"
       requiredAttribute="valueType" />
   <optionalElement (obsoleteAttribute="valueType")
       requiredAttribute="valueType" />
                <requiredElement (obsoleteAttribute="valueType")
       requiredAttribute="valueType" />

Attribute Tables

More detailed descriptions of attributes are displayed in table format, one table for each element.

  • Attributes are listed with name, default value and description.
  • Attributes are listed in alphabetical order.
  • An empty Default Value column indicates that there is no default value.


<requiredElement> Element Attributes

NameDefault ValueDescription
(obsoleteAttribute)   Description of obsoleteAttribute.
optionalAttribute This is the default value Description of optionalAttribute.
requiredAttribute Another default value Required. Description of requiredAttribute.

Configuration Descriptions

The configuration settings for different areas of  EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Framework are described in more detail in the following SDK/Developer Guide documents:

  • Configuring episerver section (in CMS SDK/Configuration)
  • Configuring episerver.basicAuthentication section (in CMS SDK/Configuration)
  • Configring episerver.dataStore section (in CMS SDK/Configuration)
  • Configuring staticFile section (in CMS SDK/Configuration)
  • Configuring episerver.framework section
  • Configuring section
  • Configuring section
  • Configuring the episerver.packaging section
  • Configuring Image Service (in CMS SDK/Configuration))
  • Configuring Live Monitor (in CMS SDK/Configuration)
  • Configuring XML Update Reference (in CMS SDK/Configuration)
  • Configuring Active Directory Membership (in CMS SDK/Authentication and Authorization)
  • Configuring Membership and Role Providers (in CMS SDK/Membership and Role Providers)
  • Configuring Enterprise (in CMS SDK/Enterprise)
  • Installing and Configuring Mirroring (in CMS SDK/Mirroring)
  • Configuring Quick Publishing (in Framework SDK/OnlineCenter)
  • Configuring TinyMCE (in CMS SDK/Page Editing)
  • Configuring Page Providers (in CMS SDK/Page Providers)
  • Configuring Personalization (in CMS SDK/Personalization)
  • Configuring Link Validation (in CMS SDK/Scheduled Jobs)

Last updated: Mar 21, 2013