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Find integration

Adding the Find search provider EPiServer.Find.Commerce brings powerful search capabilities to your Commerce solution. This topic describes default conventions and the fitering of catalog content when using Find with Commerce.

How it works

Typed catalog content (that is, content inheriting from CatalogContentBase) is indexed on one of the front-end servers when catalog changes are made. These changes may be made in the new Catalog UI, Commerce manager, through IContentRepository, DTOs, or the service API.

By default, prices and inventories are indexed together with the catalog content. (Note: You can remove this conventions setting.) If prices/inventories have the conventions to be indexed, catalog content is updated in the index at price/inventory events. The default price and inventory provider raises events needed to make reindexing possible at price/inventory changes. So, a custom price/inventory provider needs to also raise events to have correct price/inventory information in the index.


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Last updated: Nov 03, 2015