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Last updated: Oct 12 2015

This topic provides an introduction to feature-specific configurations for Episerver Commerce. General configuration for the Episerver platform with configuration files and syntax is described in the Configuration section for CMS. You should study the general platform configuration documentation to fully understand the Episerver configuration.

The following configuration files define the e-commerce part of Episerver Commerce.

  • baf.config. Configuration settings used by Business Foundation (BF) applications.
  • Configuration of handlers and plug-in collections for meta classes.
  • Contains a set of meta object related configuration settings.
  • baf.library.folders.config. Configuration settings for virtual folders used in BF.
  • connectionStrings.config. Contains strings used for database connections.
  • Defines the ecf application name to be used.
  • ecf.asset.config. Configuration for the installation of the schema needed by Asset Management.
  • ecf.catalog.config. Enables customization of catalog settings.
  • ecf.cms.config. Enables customization of roles when using the CMS and publishing content [Not used from version 9].
  • ecf.customer.config. Configuration settings for the Customer Management subsystem.
  • ecf.customization.config. Configurations for the left menu customization.
  • Configurations used by the Marketing subsystem.
  • ecf.order.config. Configurations used by the Order subsystem.
  • Contains security module configuration settings.
  • ecf.ssl.config. Configuration settings for SSL security and HTTPS protocol redirection.
  • ecf.workflow.config. Workflow configuration settings.
  • Mediachase.Search.config. Configuration of indexing and search features.
  • Mediachase.Search.Filters.config. Configuration of search filters.
  • log.config. Configuration of event logging.
  • Web.Config. Configuration settings for ASP.NET.

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