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Base XML commands

Commerce manager extensively uses XML configuration files to define interfaces and commands.  The following commands are available:


Adds included node to the resulting XML. Use attributes beforeId and afterId to add a node into a specific place in the XML.

<add afterId="Core_System">
<Link id="Core_CatalogSystem" text="test afterId" order="20" iconUrl="" iconCss="treeIcon" command="cmdCatalogSystemLink">


Removes currently existing nodes from the resulting XML.


Removes a node with a specified ID from the resulting XML.

<remove nodeId="Core_CatalogSystem" />


Changes the parent element in the resulting XML.

<set name="property_name" value="property_value" />


Changes a set of attributes for the parent element in the resulting XML. This command modifies or adds attributes to the parent element. If the attribute already exists in the parent XML node, its changes the value, otherwise it adds a new attribute.

<setAttributes attr1="value1" attr2="value2" />

Load order for XML files

You can specify the order in which XML files are loaded. The order is defined in the web.config file in the mediachase.xmlTools section. You can  specify only the order by modules/folders. The files inside the module/folder are loaded in random order.

<add name="Shell"/>
<add name="MetaDataBase"/>
<add name="MetaUI"/>
<add name="MetaUIEntity"/>

Last updated: Oct 12, 2015