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This section provides information on how to use the IRegistrar interface in EPiServer Commerce. This interface allows for the ability to have self-registered users who do not need any back-end access functionality. A common use case for this would to have a user store for management functions of your site, and another user store for customers who buy things from your e-commerce site. The idea behind the interface is to use the EPiServer.ServiceLocation.ServiceLocator to register the default instance of the interface. Then in your front-end code you can use the ServiceLocator instance when writing your controllers so you could easily switch to a new IRgistrar user store in the future if need be. 

This configuration requires the following nuget packages as dependency:

  • EPiServer.Commerce.Security

Interface methods

  • String AuthenticationType
    This property is used to set the OWIN Authentication Type
  • IPrincipal CreateUser(string userName, string password, string email);
    This method will create a user in the user store and then return a ClaimsPrincipal. The principal should contain the following claims for roles Everyone and Registered
  • void DeleteUser(string userName);
    This method will delete the user
  • bool ChangePassword(string userName, string oldPassword, string newPassword);
    This method will change the password of the user
  • ClaimsIdentity CreateIdentity(string userName);
    This method will create the ClaimsIdentity with the proper claims provided by the user store
  • bool ValidateUser(string userName, string password);
    This method will validate the userName and password
  • void SignIn(AuthenticationProperties properties, params ClaimsIdentity[] identities);
    This method should be called in the controller when logging in a user. The method should get the owin context and signin with the Authentication property of the OwinContext.

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