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Last updated: Oct 21 2014

This section describes how to configure the SMTP e-mail notification features in EPiServer Commerce. Refer also to Notifications for related information.

Configuring notification details

Name of Sender

Locate the appSettings section in the web.config file or in the appSettings.config file, which should be in the root of the website (sample site), and do the following:

  • Change the value of the key Mediachase.StoreEmail to the e-mail address for your store.
  • Change the value of the key Mediachase.StoreTitle to the title of your store. This title will appear in the subject title of the e-mail the store will send to the customer.

E-mail body formatting provider

Locate the web.config file for your website, and locate the node /Configuration/FrameWorkProviders/templateService. Here you can add your own custom template provider to provide a different format to your e-mails and configure this provider to be the default provider.


Locate the web.config file for your website, and locate the node /Configuration/ Here you can add a node for mailSettings, as well as an SMTP node. Configure the attributes of these nodes according to your SMTP server settings. For testing purposes it is possible to remove the user name and password attributes.

Example: SMTP account configuration

<smtp from="your email address" deliveryMethod="Network">
<network defaultCredentials="false"
host="url to your smtp server"
port="smtp servers port"
username=your username
password=your passwordsmtp>

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