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Workflows [BETA]

The promotion system can be run with the workflow system to calculate discounts and remove discounts. Updated workflow activities use the EPiServer.Commerce.Marketing.IPromotionEngine to make calculations and manipulate the cart.

To use the new promotion system in the workflows, a feature must be switched on. There are two ways to do this.

  • Update Configs\
    <Application defaultApplicationName="ECApplication">
        <add name="AdminRole" value="Admins" />
        <add name="ManagerUserRole" value="Management Users" />
        <add name="EveryoneRole" value="Everyone" />
        <add name="RegisteredRole" value="Registered" />
      <Connection connectionStringName="EcfSqlConnection" />
      <Cache enabled="true" appTimeout="0:0:10" />
        <add key="en-us" value="English" />
        <add key="da-DK" value="Danish" />
        <add key="sv-SE" value="Svenska" />
        <add key="fi-FI" value="Suomi" />
        <add key="nl-NL" value="Netherlands" />
        <add key="nb-NO" value="Norsk" />
        <add key="fr-FR" value="French" />
        <add feature="WorkflowsVNext" state="Enabled" type="Mediachase.Commerce.Core.Features.WorkflowsVNext, Mediachase.Commerce" />
  • Use the Servicelocator
    var featureSwitch = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IFeatureSwitch>();
    featureSwitch.Features.Add(new WorkflowsVNext());
    featureSwitch.EnableFeature(WorkflowsVNext. FeatureWorkflowsVNext);

Last updated: May 25, 2015