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Last updated: Jan 23 2015

Catalog events

It is possible to react to changes to catalog items by handling events. This document describes the different ways of implementing this.

Implement handlers for IContentEvents events

IContentEvents (namespace EPiServer.Core) defines events that apply to catalog items as well as long as they are updated through the Content API, e.g. when the Catalog UI is used or when the Content API is used from code. Note that these events will not be raised when a catalog item is updated through Commerce Manager or in code using ICatalogSystem.

Implement handlers for CatalogEventHandler events

CatalogEventHandler (namespace EPiServer.Commerce.Catalog.Provider) like IContentEvents defines events using the Content model. It will only raise events for changes done directly through ICatalogSystem, i.e. for the actions IContentEvents will not raise events.

Implement handlers for CatalogEventBroadcaster events

CatalogEventBroadcaster (namespace Mediachase.Commerce.Catalog.Events) defines events that will be raised when changes are done through ICatalogSystem, including changes made through the Content API:s. The event object and arguments of these events will use the ECF layer model (DTO:s).

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