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Note: This feature has been obsoleted in the latest version of the product.


This document provides some basic examples of how to use the ECF API to work with multi-warehouse features. Examples covered here are for instance how to get listings of warehouses and getting inventories per warehouse.

Multi-warehouse features

Examples of listing of warehouses and inventories.

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Example: Getting a list of warehouses

// Get list Warehouse
public IEnumerable<IWarehouse> ListAllWarehouses()
    var warehouseRepository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IWarehouseRepository>();
    return warehouseRepository.List();

Example: Getting warehouse by ID or warehouse code

// Get list Warehouse by ID
public IWarehouse GetWarehouse(int warehouseId)
    var warehouseRepository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IWarehouseRepository>();

    return warehouseRepository.Get(warehouseId);
// Get list Warehouse by Code
public IWarehouse GetWarehouse(string warehouseCode)
    var warehouseRepository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IWarehouseRepository>();

    return warehouseRepository.Get(warehouseCode);

Note: It is preferable to use the warehouse code, which will most likely be more meaningful in a business context.

For more details on this example, refer to WarehouseHelper.cs in the EPiServer.Commerce.Sample project.

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Example: Picking up an item from a warehouse and add to a cart

//Add an entry from a warehouse to Cart
CartHelper cartHelper = new CartHelper(Cart.DefaultName);
cartHelper.AddEntry(entry, quantity, false, warehouseCode);

Example: Listing warehouse codes for an entry

//List warehouse of an entry
Entry entryInventory =  CatalogContext.Current.GetCatalogEntry(entry.CatalogEntryId, new CatalogEntryResponseGroup(CatalogEntryResponseGroup.ResponseGroup.Inventory));
var listWarehouseByEntry = entryInventory.WarehouseInventories.WarehouseInventory;
    var warehouseCodes = listWarehouseByEntry.Select(w => w.WarehouseCode);

In store pick-up

Examples of how to create a shipping with pick-up in store, and make it display in the checkout process.

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Example: Getting the "In store pick-up" method name

// Get Pickup shipping method name
string pickupMethodName = ShippingManager.PickupShippingMethodName;

Example: Checking if the shipping method is a pick-up method or not

// Check shipping method is pick-up shipment
string pickupMethodName;

Example: Picking up an entry and adding it to a cart

var cartHelper = new CartHelper(Mediachase.Commerce.Orders.Cart.DefaultName);
var cart = cartHelper.Cart;
var lineItems = cart.OrderForms[0].LineItems.ToArray().FirstOrDefault();

Shipment shipment = new Shipment();
shipment.CreatorId = SecurityContext.Current.CurrentUserId.ToString();
shipment.Created = DateTime.UtcNow;
shipment.AddLineItemIndex(lineItems.IndexOf(lineItem), lineItem.Quantity);
// Note that lineItem.WarehouseCode should have been determined ahead of time, for example, 
// by calling a workflow containing GetFulfillmentWarehouseActivity, such as the CartPrepare workflow.
shipment.WarehouseCode = lineItem.WarehouseCode;

// Check warehouse is Pickup location, shipping method will be "In store pickup".
IWarehouse warehouse = WarehouseHelper.GetWarehouse(lineItem.WarehouseCode);
if (warehouse.IsPickupLocation)
    // Add address to OrderAddress and Shipment.
    if (cartHelper.FindAddressByName(warehouse.Name) == null)
        var address = warehouse.ContactInformation.ToOrderAddress();
        address.Name = warehouse.Name;

    shipment.ShippingAddressId = warehouse.Name;
    shipment.ShippingMethodName = ShippingManager.PickupShippingMethodName;

    var instorepickupShippingMethod = ShippingManager.GetShippingMethods("en").ShippingMethod.ToArray().Where(m => m.Name.Equals(ShippingManager.PickupShippingMethodName)).FirstOrDefault();
    if (instorepickupShippingMethod != null)
        shipment.ShippingMethodId = instorepickupShippingMethod.ShippingMethodId;


Doing this, the checkout process will move the entry to In store pickup shipments.

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For more details on this example, refer to MultiShipmentCheckout.ascx.cs in the EPiServer.Commerce.Sample project.

Last updated: Mar 31, 2014