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Last updated: Mar 31 2014

This document provides an introduction to working with content in EPiServer and EPiServer Commerce in particular. Commerce uses the same content type model as EPiServer CMS, providing a flexible way to implement your own content types based on existing type model classes in EPiServer.

Content in EPiServer can be pages, blocks, media files and folders in CMS. It can also be catalog content in EPiServer Commerce. The content type defines a set of properties that an item, for instance a page, consists of.

EPiServer content types

Refer to the Content section in the EPiServer CMS SDK for more information about the EPiServer content model, and pages blocks and media. In this part of the Commerce SDK we will describe how the EPiServer content model is applied in EPiServer Commerce, for instance to work with catalog content.

See also

  • Catalog content provider section of the EPiServer Commerce SDK.
  • Assets and media section of the EPiServer Commerce SDK.
  • Content section in the EPiServer CMS SDK.

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