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Folder structure


Commerce Manager has a very specific folder structure. Understanding this structure will help you modify existing subsystems and create and integrate new ones.

Basic structure

The basic structure is as follows:

Apps - root folder that contains all Commerce Manager Systems administration screens like Catalog System, Order System and so on.

  • [SystemName] - folder name of the system, for example it will be Catalog for the Catalog System. All files for related to that system are stored in there.
    - [SystemName].config - application configuration file that defines all views for the system.
    - Config - configuration folder
    - View – folder with views (may contain any number of subfolders)

    [ViewName].xml – Specific view description for any view.

       - Settings.config
       - Permissions.config - file that defines permissions for module


  • Catalog
     - Config - configuration folder

            - View
                - Catalog-List.xml
                - CatalogBatchUpdate-List.xml
                - CatalogEntrySearch-List.xml
                - Currencies-List.xml
                - MetaClass-List.xml
                - MetaFields-List.xml
                - Node-List.xml
                - TaxCategory-List.xml
                - Warehouse-List.xml
                - Navigation - folder for the navigation

         - Settings.config
         - Permissions.config

Last updated: May 28, 2015