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Last updated: Feb 23 2015

WARNING: You cannot undo a conversion. Content in the database may be removed permanently. Backup your database before performing the conversation. Also run a test conversion to determine whether an undesirable action might occur.

To convert existing pages from one page to another:

  1. Go to Admin view > Content Type tab > Convert Pages. The Convert Pages pane appears.
  2. Select the scope, select the page types you want to convert from and to, using the property map table. You can convert a single page or all pages (of specified page type) below a selected page in the hierarchy. 
  3. Optionally click Test Conversion and Show Log to test a conversion before running it to get information, such as how many pages that are affected by the conversion.
  4. Click Convert

If there is a language-specific property on a page type, it affects the converted page in the following ways. 

Convert from page typeConvert to page typeResult of conversion
that has a set language property that has no set language property Sets the master language property value on the converted page.
that has no set language property that has a set language property Sets the language version property value for each converted page.

If you convert a page that is part of a mirroring channel, the conversion mirrors property changes for properties that do not have a changed name. The conversion does not change page types for pages at the destination. To convert the page type at the destination, manually perform an indentical operation for the mirrored pages on the destination, or reset the channel and remove the affected pages from the destination.

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