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The UI is based on a framework with a server-side part based on ASP.NET MVC, and a client-side part using the JavaScript library Dojo. The UI offers context awareness where possible, to have the page/user control to automatically reload when the context is changed, to display customized content. The UI framework is used in both EPiServer CMS and EPiServer Commerce.

The creation of user interface elements is based on JavaScript and the Dojo toolkit. When the application starts up, a user interface definition is retreived from a REST store on the web server, and then instantiated on the client. Refer to Setting up a REST data store in the User interface section of the EPiServer Framework SDK, for more information.

The server side user interface definition, called a view, is declared dynamically, composed from a definition in code, or configuration on the server. More information about the server side assembly of user interface components can be found under Views in the User interface section of the EPiServer Framework SDK, and for more details on how to work with different parts of the user interface API.

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Last updated: Jul 09, 2014