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EPiServer CMO

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EPiServer Campaign Monitor and Optimization (CMO) is a module for measuring and monitoring campaigns, as well as optimizing landing pages. The CMO module is included with the EPiServer installation package, and in this section it is described how to set up the various parts of CMO.

Configuring EPiServer CMO after the installation

The default installation folder for the CMO Windows services is [Path to your EPiServer installation]\Shared\Services\[Name of the CMO Service]\.
Example: C:\Program Files\EPiServer\Shared\Services\CMO Aggregation Service\.

Check the logging configuration, aggregation service and thumbnail service for EPiServer CMO as follows:

  1. Check that the applications have required permissions to create log files in destination folders and so on. Go to the applications folder, right-click the folder, select Properties, go to the Security tab and find the account. You can add module logging settings to common CMS logging settings in the file EPiServerLog.config. See Configuring logging.
  2. Check that the Aggregation Service logging settings are contained in the file EPiServer.Cmo.AggregationService.exe.config in the folder where this service is installed. The CMO Admin can turn on DEBUG logging or less detailed logging for this file. See Installing and Configuring the Aggregation Service.
  3. Check that the Thumbnail Service logging settings are defined in the file IECaptSvc.exe.config in the folder where this service is installed.

Running EPiServer CMO and Live Monitor in a production environment

Live Monitor and CMO UI components are deployed as protected modules and by default reside inside appdata folder.

It means that these components can be deployed to production environment in the same way as the whole website. It enables running Live Monitor, CMO core and CMO UI on websites in a hosting environment where EPiServer CMS is not installed on a web server.

Note that CMO Aggregation service and Thumbnail service are deployed as windows service applications and require EPiServer CMS installed on a server.

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Last updated: Mar 31, 2014