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Last updated: Mar 25 2013


This document provides an introduction to scheduled jobs in EPiServer CMS. Scheduled jobs will run in the background with preset time intervals and typically do cleanup and updatings tasks. A sample installation of EPiServer CMS comes with a number of predefined scheduled jobs which are administered in admin mode.

Some of these scheduled jobs can be customized and further configured. It is also possible to add your own scheduled jobs, for instance for the automatic updating of the geographic location database for the personalization features included with EPiServer CMS.

Available Scheduled Jobs

The following scheduled jobs are included in a sample installation of EPiServer CMS:

  • Automatic Emptying of the Recycle Bin. The Recycle Bin job will permanently delete pages older than 30 days from the Recycle Bin (Trash).
  • Publishing Delayed Page Versions. The delayed publish job checks if there are versions of a page that are set to be published at a certain time.
  • Archive Function. The archive function will move pages with expired stop publishdate to selected archive folder if specified.
  • Mirroring Service. The mirroring service allows you to set how often the system activates content mirroring.
  • Link Validation. The link validation job validates the status of all links in the website content.
  • Remove Permanent Editing. This job automatically removes all permanent editing status in the database that are older than the configured period.
  • Remove Autosaved Page Drafts. This job automatically removes all autosaved page drafts from the database that are older than the configured period.
  • Subscriptions. The subscription job sends e-mail to users that subscribe to receive updates in different sections of the website.
  • Change Log Auto Truncate. This job removes all items from the change log that are more than one month old and without dependencies.

The administration of scheduled jobs are described in detail in the Administrator’s User Guide in EPiServer CMS.

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