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The EPiServer CMS Change Log System (referred to simply as "Change Log" in this document) is a facility where changes to an EPiServer CMS site can be logged. For example, all changes to pages, files and directories are currently logged in the Change Log to support the Mirroring and OnlineCenter features in EPiServer CMS and also act as a general audit mechanism.

User Interface / Admin mode

You can access Change Log from the EPiServer CMS Admin Mode, go to > Config tab > Change Log (under Tool Settings). Select the View tab to view the Change Log, which also can be filtered by change date, category, action and changed by.

The state of the Change Log can also be viewed and changed from the Status tab of this page. The Change Log has the following states:

  • Enabled means that the Change Log System will start automatically when the site starts and will be available for read and write operations.
  • Disabled means that the Change Log System will not start when the site starts. Items written to the Change Log will be ignored but items may still be read from the Change Log.
  • Auto means that the Change Log System will start as soon as any dependencies (such as a Mirroring Job) have been registered against the Change Log. If no dependencies exist the system will not start or will stop if already running.

The Change Log Auto Truncate scheduled job can also be scheduled and executed manually from Admin Mode. On the Admin tab under the Scheduled Jobs heading you will the menu item. This scheduled job will delete items from the Change Log that are over one month old and do not have a dependency registered against them by another part of EPiServer CMS, for example Mirroring.

Programmatic Interfaces

The classes and interfaces for the Change Log can be found in the EPiServer.ChangeLog namespace in the file EPiServer.dll.

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Last updated: Mar 25, 2013

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