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EPiServer Find is a powerful and scalable query platform that lets you index and query large amounts of structured or unstructured data of any type, to create customized website search functionality or to build advanced navigation for non-hierarchical content.


The following functionality is included out-of-the-box:

  • Multi-language stemming
  • Phonetics
  • Best bets
  • Related queries
  • Highlighted summaries
  • Autocomplete
  • Search as you type
  • Search in files/attachments
  • Custom weighting of results
  • Statistics and search optimization

EPiServer Find can be easily extenden and integrated with EPiServer CMS, using a .NET based client API. Interaction with the REST API through Javascript is done using JSON. EPiServer Find is available both as an on premise solution, as well as through a software service.

Architecture overview

Last updated: Jun 10, 2014