Last updated: Dec 20 2016

User-generated content


User-generated content (UGC) drives engagement and conversions, and is the most effective way to market your products and services, increase conversion rates, and enhance employee productivity thereby increasing customer loyalty. Episerver Social consist of a series of high performance micro-services that let you collect, manage, moderate, and deliver ratings, comments, reviews, groups, and activity streams.

Episerver Social offers high performance and reliability with an easy-to-use API – without the bloat and complexity of other platforms. The modular design lets developers combine services together. Some examples are:

  • Ratings and reviews. Gather, manage, and display product ratings and reviews to help drive conversions and increase SEO.
  • Groups and activity streams. Build and organize meaningful social communities for your site, brand, and industry, including individualized content streams.
  • Comments and moderation. Review and moderate user-generated content with extensible workflow services to ensure context, usefulness, and compliance.
  • No setup, deployment, or hosting. A real time API that let you focus on the customer benefit, and not worry about it being up and running.
  • Simple yet expressive API. Built "from the ground up" around a developer friendly API. Add ratings, reviews or comments with just a few lines of code.
  • Scalability and performance. Elastically scales to handle any amount of traffic or users.

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