Episerver offers extensive support for building omnichannel solutions to provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience, allowing them to pick up where they left on one channel, and continue on another. 

Have content display on a mobile device, a desktop display, and everything in between by content separation and rendering. Use the flexible Content Delivery API to pull content data into other systems in a "headless CMS" fashion.

  • Content components can appear in other content, such as part of a page inside another page, or products in a page or a block. 
  • Editors can conveniently review the output using the various channel and resolution preview options defined for the website. 
  • Display channels are easily created by defining multiple rendering templates for the same page type.
  • Easy-to-add new channel devices for preview in the user interface.
  • Responsive design frameworks supported, use one of your choice.

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Last updated: Nov 01, 2018