Last updated: Oct 20 2016


The market concept in Episerver Commerce provides a flexible way of managing markets, letting you rapidly expand your business into new markets. Define multiple markets, each with its own set of countries, languages, currencies, taxes, and payment and shipping options. Apply the market segmentation to content, orders, campaigns and pricing.

Markets often are segmented based on geography. In Episerver Commerce, markets are not constrained to be region-based, instead they can target specific business requirements.

  • Define markets based on geography, online/print/in-store, shipping/distribution centers, or B2B buying groups.
  • Segment your product catalog by defining a subset of products for each market.
  • If your markets are geography-based, use the Episerver multi-language capabilities to display content matching the market country and language setup.
  • Use for example a landing page, an IP geolocation service, or a drop-down selection to determine a website visitor's region and market. 
  • Choose between a wide selection of shipping and payment providers available as add-ons to Episerver.
  • Create market-specific campaigns and apply targeted discounts to markets of your choice.
  • Define prices based on markets, with the possibility to use the same currency in different markets.
  • Tag and filter orders based on markets.

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