Last updated: Oct 20 2016


The flexible catalog modelling capabilites in Episerver Commerce lets you meet almost any type of advanced business requirements. You can base your catalogs on products, variants, packages, bundles and relationships between catalog entities, and you can easily manage multilingual content, market assortments, and pricing.

  • Seamless user experience with editors, marketers and merchandisers sharing the same user interface.
  • Sophisticated inline editing and preview features allows merchandisers to work with catalog content enrichment like any other content.
  • Rich personalization possibilities, including e-commerce-based criteria.
  • Full editorial capabilities for content reuse on all content types, including catalog content.
  • Powerful merchandising features for enabling cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.
  • Consistent API approach for working with all types of content.
  • Ability for export/import of catalog data when integrating with external systems.
  • REST-ful operations against catalog content using the Episerver Service API.
  • Built-in enterprise-level search capabilities.
  • Extendable support for custom pricing and inventories, for complex requirements, or to integrate with external ERP systems.
  • Use Episerver add-ons for easy integration with for instance PIM or DAM systems, and payment providers.

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