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Episerver offers an intuitive user interface for marketers and merchandisers who deliver campaigns. You can create, plan and execute campaigns for multiple channels in one place. The entire digital marketing chain is supported, from content creation and omnichannel messaging, to the launch and follow-up of the campaign. You can integrate numerous third-party systems such as PIM and DAM providers, marketing automation connectors and other optimization tools.

Manage campaign content

  • Intuitive user interface for working with product discounts for campaigns.
  • Products associated with markets and discounts can be added to a campaign project.
  • Multi-publish feature for different content items associated with a campaign.
  • Preview of campaign components prior to launch.
  • Ability to schedule an entire campaign to launch at a set time.

Automate and synchronize messaging

  • Define personalized campaign message to be pushed through mailings and social media.
  • Coordinate large volumes of messages through multiple channels.
  • Manage transactional emails, opt-in processes, and recipient segmentation.
  • Analyse the success of mailings and generate reliable data for marketing research.
  • Create cross-device emails for any device, with instant in-device preview.

Analyze, follow-up and optimize

  • Track the performance of a campaign and analyze results  when the campaign is running.
  • Monitor conversion through analytic tools and search statistics.
  • Promote the campaign in social media, to drive traffic and increase conversion rates.
  • Support for multivariate testing and self-optimization of landing page content.

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