Last updated: Oct 20 2016


Search in Episerver is provider-based, so you can extend and customize search features. Use the built-in basic search features, or create your own custom filtering methods and custom queries. To build more advanced search features with filtering and faceted content navigation, add Episerver Find to your solution.

Built-in search features:

  • Full-text search features.
  • Indexing of any type of content such as document files, pages, blocks and products. 
  • Event-driven indexing, meaning instant updating of index and search results.
  • Search results filtered on access-rights for most content types.

Search features with Episerver Find:

  • Automatic boosting based on visitor search behavior.
  • Instant indexing of new content.
  • Search in numerous document formats, and internal and external data sources.
  • User interface for search optimization and tuning.
  • Support for autocomplete, related queries, best bets and spelling suggestions.
  • Facets for search filtering and navigation.
  • Indexing on geographical coordinates and of content in multiple languages.
  • Scales dynamically to massive amounts of data.
  • Cloud-based.

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